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On November 12th and 13th 2016, Hershey’s Kitchens inspired bakers before the holiday baking season with a new event at Hershey’s Chocolate World: “Hershey’s Kitchens Live!” HOSTED BY KERRI POMAROLLI

"Kerri proved to be an excellent choice for our family-friendly live dessert decorating show. Her professionalism showed through a tough promotion and show taping schedule. And her comedy and fun interactions with participants and crowds were spot on for us and the client. She nailed it!" 


Steve Kozarovich, Account Director / PriceWeber Marketing

We recently produced Hershey’s Kitchens Live - an old-school Richard Dawson type “Family Feud” meets “The Great British Bake Off” game show wherein families collaborated with Hershey experts to decorate their favorite Hershey desserts, and the live audience participated in zany, fun family contests to win Hershey prizes. We enlisted Kerri Pomarolli to host this special two-day live game show at Hershey’s Chocolate World. To say Kerri was a phenomenal host is a colossal understatement. “Hershey’s Kitchens Live!” was a HUGE success due in large part to her tremendous energy, humor, and vocal skills. All the reviews of the show were fantastic with moms, dads, and kids all raving about the amazing time they had! Thanks Kerri Pomarolli for knocking it outa the park!


- Jeff Van Zandt, Executive Creative Director, PriceWeber




When we saw our audience and our client laughing out loud with each of Kerri’s jokes, we knew we had the right host for the show. A consummate professional – great with a script, great when improvising, great with the audience, great with the client, and great with the agency – Kerri was always on her game. Kerri was a joy to work with and we couldn’t have been more pleased with her as our host.


- Richard Johnson, Account Executive for PriceWeber and Associates

“Kerri crushed it as host with the most for our Hershey’s Kitchens Live shows at Hershey’s Chocolate World! She maintained a super-human level of energy for 14 shows and was just as sweet to the random adorable kids in the crowd as she was to every crew member behind the scenes. Her talent brought the whole show together and I hope I have the opportunity to work with her again in the future!” 


- Jancy Nightingale, Events Marketing Coordinator, Hershey Chocolate World Corp

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