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Kerri Pomarolli is one hilarious chick! She is inspiring and encouraging. The Big Apple audience loved her!

Donna | East-Producer | Lambs Theater | NYC Off Broadway


Kerri Pomarolli was a hit as our headliner at our comedy club.  She not only has a stage presence that is entrancing, but she is a great person as well.  We enjoyed meeting her and were blessed by her performance.

Kimberly Sellin, Owner | Synergy Comedy Club | Washington, DC


Humor is the best way to keep the show rolling, and hers was right on-target with her insights on the challenges we face in life.

Leslee Unruh, President and Founder | Abstinence Clearinghouse



She's clean, she's bright, she's funny, she's (pardon me, we can't help it) too cute for words! She's the girl you'd want for a daughter, the big sister you wish your teenager had to look up to. How does she thrive in the not-too-nice world of comedy professionals? Somebody up there likes her. So do we!

Terry Meeuwsen & Louise DuArt  | Hosts of Living The Life Television CBN, ABC Family


Kerri was great! Her testimony was inspirational and her clean comedy was so needed by everyone that heard her. We were blessed to have her in Austin, Texas!

Gayle Van Stavern | Westover Hills Church


We loved her infectious humor and enthusiasm from the moment we met her before the event, all the way through the countless numbers of women that met her after the performance. It's one thing to be a performer that just shows up to do the gig, but it's another to be a performer who comes to serve, not just the audience, but the overall goal of the event. Our team appreciated that Kerri wholeheartedly supported the goal of our event. She was a huge blessing!

Barb Roose, Co-leader | Fabulous Women's Conference | Toledo, Ohio



Kerri Pomarolli? She's short, but she really grows on you!!  She's a real pro and I loved working with her.  Delivering her funny stuff while handling the host duties to keep a show like the Dove Awards moving, is difficult.  She had me at "and the Dove Award goes to..." Thanks!

Steve Gilreath, Producer/Director | Gospel Music Awards


We loved having her in the house. Kerri is fabulously fun but overall her heart for Jesus is the real winner. She is truly doing Kingdom business, and we enjoy partnering with her on this journey.

April Lemley | Grace Community Church


Pursuing a professional career in acting has long been a dream of mine, but it never really felt real and close to home until I spoke with Kerri and learned everything she had to face to get to where she is today. I truly felt God's grace in our chat and now I'm more motivated than ever to follow His path and go after my dreams. Because of her guidance and support I now have the motivation and willpower to succeed and I am forever grateful for everything I've learned!

Matthew Summers, Attendee | "Hollywood Uncovered" Workshop | Morganton, WV



Kerri Pomarolli is a hilarious comedian who kept our mixed audience of teens, singles, young parents, middle-aged and senior citizens rolling with laughter. Everyone loved her! As the coordinator of the event, I found Kerri genuine, friendly, and extremely easy to work with. Most importantly, after winning our hearts, she brought the clear message of salvation through Jesus Christ. I can't wait to have her back!

Darla Harvey, Women's Ministry | Raleigh First Assembly | Raleigh, NC

We've had 2 Comedy Events involving Kerri and both times she's had the audience in side aching laughter. Unlike alot of comedians, Kerri presents clean comedy and is great for the whole family. I believe Kerri is one of the best in the business! I would recommend her to anyone who would like to have a fun, clean & successful event.

Tracy Lee, MOPS Coordinator | Camarillo, CA Chapter


Thank you so much for blessing us at our annual "Celebration of Life" fundraising banquet. I have had so many compliments about the entertainment. Truly the funnest night we have had in Roswell for some time. Laughter is absolutely good medicine and we were all inoculated. I would highly recommend pregnancy centers to book you for their events. When people are happy they are much more likely to open their wallets! Thank you again and we would love to have you back any time!

Shauna D. Adkins , Director | CCPRC | Roswell, NM


Kerri Pomarolli crossed color line barriers, by not performing for whites, but going out to Gospel churches, and performing with some of the A-list headliners such as Sherri Shepherd, and Bone Hampton, (formerly known as Comedian Bone).

Her comedy was on point, that it didn't matter where you came from or where you at, if there was blood pumping thru your veins, and she was on stage, there was laughter pumping from your heart, because that is the place she hit.



Her act was so fine tuned as well as hilariously funny, but I think the best part of your act was the way she used stand-up as a witnessing tool. That blew me away. You just out and out witnessed to that guy in the front row. She presents the gospel in a non-threatening, non-abrasive way and everyone who watches her act gets ministered to, whether they realize what is happening or not. God has truly blessed her with the gift of stage-presence and the ability to make people laugh. If I ever have need for an event, I will definitely be contacting her.

Timothy J. Micsko, Production Manager  | USA Cable Entertainment



Hilarious, funny and unforgettable—her refreshing routines hit Christians where they live, without resorting to clichés or stereotypes. Her unique blend of humor touches all audiences, and in doing so, doubles as a ministry.

Monika, Co-Founder | South Bay Entertainment Fellowship | Director of the Angelus Awards Film Festival


When my employer, North Kansas City Hospital, was looking for a good fit for our spring women's event, I immediately thought of Kerri. Because of her success, she wasn't too hard to track down and after watching her hilarious videos, I KNEW she'd be a good fit for North Kansas City Hospital's Club W program. Club W is a women's program that engages women to feel good, look great, and live a healthy lifestyle. With a crowd of over 250 women (and a few brave gentlemen), we were so very delighted with the results! I've never heard "belly-laughing" like I did that night. Her ability to take everyday things and make them hilarious kept the audience in stitches. Her genuineness and ability to laugh at herself immediately bonded the audience, and by the time she ended, she had 250 new devoted friends! Thank you, Kerri, for your humor, your professionalism, for being so easy to work with and most importantly, for reminding us all not to take ourselves or life too seriously. To good health!

Melanie Beard | Community Benefits Coordinator | North Kansas City Hospital


Kerri Pomarolli is the very best comedy act I have ever seen. Her performance at the Gideons International Mission Viejo Camp Christmas dinner party was exceptionally funny, charming and entertaining. It was mentioned by more than one person that Kerri's performance has set a new high standard for our future Christmas dinner parties.

Steve Lambright | President, Mission Viejo Camp | Gideons International

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