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Kerri Pomarolli was wonderful! Our campus loved her enthusiasm and she was so incredibly funny. She enlightened our audience and encouraged students to seek the will of God for their lives. Given the positive feedback from the student body, we'd definitely be honored to have her back again.

Carrie Fitzsimmons, Student Affairs | Shorter College | Rome, Georgia


Kerri was so transparent with our students. Truly inspiring. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Vince, Head of Student Ministries |Vanguard University | Orange County, CA



I'm a college student at Quinnipiac University. Kerri's jokes were hilarious, refreshing, and relevant. God has definitly blessed her with a tremendous ability to make people laugh. I am extremly greatful that there are Christians like her to look up to and to see successful in Hollywood. She is truly an inspiration to me! 

Patty | Student | Quinnipiac University, Canada


Kerri was great! She was a fantastic choice for our college InterVarsity Comedy Event in Canada. We look forward to using her again soon!

Courtney W., Student Director | InterVarsity University of Windsor



It isn't very often that students continue to talk about a chapel message long after the speaker has left the campus, but students at Gardner-Webb are still talking about Kerri Pomarolli and the life-changing message she shared.

Tracey Jessup, Dean of Student Ministries | Gardner Webb University


Kerri presented exactly what our students needed to hear.  They connected well with her story and her challenges went right to the heart!  I was impressed with the way Kerri wove what she had learned about our campus and our students into her presentation.  I've heard so many comments from students saying she was one of the best convocation speakers we've had on campus and urging me to have her back again!

Sharon Carlson | Center for Student Development | Gordon College, MA


Kerri Pomarolli speaks the truth that we students need to hear in a refreshing and entertaining way that really connects with her audience. I've gone to chapel at a Christian college for three years, three times a week, and she is by far the best speaker yet. PS: My ex boyfriend stayed awake the whole time and he's slept through every chapel yet!

Amanda | Gordon College, MA



It was truly an awesome experience to have Kerri do her stand up comedy act and then speak during chapel the next morning. Students were able to witness a young woman who has "been there, done that" and learned to rely on God. Everyone needs some inspiration and humor- Kerri has it in multitudes!

Diane Ferritto | Malone College, OH





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