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Booking Kerri was the best decision we could have made. Kerri is a great comedian. Not a great "Christian" comedian. Not a great "female" comedian. She is simply a great comedian. . We booked her specifically for a Mother's Day event, but singles and even guys all enjoyed her material. And by enjoyed, I mean laughed uncontrollably until tears ran down their cheeks. I couldn't imagine booking anyone better. Kerri also has the ability to read a room and give them exactly what they need. We booked her for three services and each service, she read the energy of the room and brought them along to match her rhythm. That is a veteran skill that is truly rare. There is also a spiritual component to that, where she can speak to a whole room and individuals feel like she is bringing restoration to them personally. She under-promised and over-delivered. If you want a successful event, make Kerri a part of it. Do your organization and yourself a favor and book her now! 

Jerret Hammons, Creative Arts Pastor | Elevate Church | Michigan


When it comes to Kerri Pomarolli, her comedy should come with a warning sign: "Use of the bathroom is recommended before entering!" All joking aside, Kerri truly has the ability to minister to the heart. Her transparency is powerful. Her honesty about ther own challenges creates a place of safety for the hurting. She truly uses the power of her testimony to help the hurting overcome whatever it is they are facing. As far as a spirit led ministry using spiritual gifts to minister, Kerri is truly anointed. I know she has blessed us and will bless you.

Ron & Tina Konkin, RPC |



"Blown Away!" The only words I can use to describe the "Night of Kerri" at The Well....Kerri Pomarolli blew our church family away with her hilarious and uplifting stories and antics. But my favorite part of the night was when she began to minister to The Well Family and pour their lives out through the power of the Holy Spirit. It was truly a life changing experience for all...The combination of her comedy and vulnerable ministry was a win for all our couples and families. She stayed well into the evening praying and interacting with each person. We've already invited her back again.

Blake N. Sitz, Senior Pastor | The Well Gadsden | Gadsden, AL


Kerri was a delight to have at the Northeast Christmas Tea. This event provides us an opportunity to reach out into our community and invite people who may not otherwise come into the church. We bring in over 1400 women over three nights! We wanted to be able to give the ladies an evening to relax and laugh, but bring them back around to the true meaning of Christmas. We were also looking for someone who would connect with the younger gals, but also with grandma! Kerri did just that! She connected with all of the women. We have received rave reviews, but the one that I will frame is... "there is still hope!" Praise God and thanking Him for Kerri's ministry!

Laura Wingfield | Northeast Christian Church


Kerri was a breath of fresh air. Our event was attended by ladies for all ages and she was able to connect with all of them. Laughter is good for the soul and Kerri definitely makes people laugh but does not soft-sell the Gospel.

Randa Noble | Director of Rockford Rescue Mission | Illinois


We have received and continue to receive a lot of positive feedback regarding Kerri's comedy and message she gave at our outreach event. She gave 3 performances and there were over 1500 women total in attendance. We thoroughly enjoyed hosting her here - she is real, available and non-pretentious. She let our women hold her baby and interact with both she and her husband Ron. Time was never of the essence for her when she met with and spoke with the women, yet she never ran over her allotted performance time. Below are some of the comments:


Kerri's performance was enjoyable for ALL ages.


A young mom in her 20's and an older woman in her 70's both commented that they don't enjoy comedic entertainment, but they both thoroughly enjoyed Kerri. The younger woman said it was an evening she truly needed and she laughed until she cried as did the other young ladies at her table. She also stated that Kerri's humor and life stories were relative to her life; it was like "she was talking directly to me." The older woman said she looked at the other faces of the older women at her table, and knowing the hurts they were going through, she enjoyed seeing them being able to laugh.


One woman stated that the moment she stepped into the church she felt loved and accepted - from the tables, to the special music, to Kerri's humor. It was exactly what she needed with her hectic daily schedule.


A few young, single women just enjoyed her humor and loved being a part of the evening. They felt included and enjoyed how her humor touched all age groups.


We had one woman who after seeing Kerri's promotional video on You Tube decided she wouldn't come to the event. However, she came to photograph the set-up and preparation prior to the event. Our women's ministry director asked her to stay for the performance. After watching the show, her comment was, "I was wrong. Her humor was appropriate to the audience and her message was very good." She not only attended the first night, but came to her second performance as well.


The women liked the fact that Kerri was real and part of the group! Having hosted other speakers who relish their secure, private areas (i.e., green room and not entering the sanctuary until their stage entrance), we tried to accommodate Kerri in a similar fashion. But, Kerri's heart wanted to be with the women. She wanted to mingle with those who prepared her room, basket of goodies and meals, as well as offer to spend time with those who sat in our stadium seats.

Her message was very clear and very appropriate for a "level one" outreach event.


We offer an introductory, follow-up bible study after our outreach events for women who want to come and learn about God, the bible, Jesus, etc. Our coordinator of this bible study stated that this year more than any other previous years where we invited a speaker, Kerri presented a clear gospel message and we had the most women respond to wanting to attend the intro to bible study class.


Spring Outreach Event |West Shore Evangelical Free Church



The women's ministry at West Shore Evangelical Free Church hosts an annual spring outreach event. This year we were interested in hosting a Christian Comedian for our event but I was not sure who that would be. I literally "googled" Women Christian Comedians and Kerri's web site came up. After scrolling through the different comedians, I came upon Kerri Pomarolli. I had never heard of her, but I loved her comedy that I saw on her promotional video. I forwarded it to my boss, Nancy Makowski, Director of Women's Ministry.  We prayed about it and felt led to book Kerri for our event. I had the opportunity to talk with Kerri on the phone prior to her visit and it was like talking with a friend. She was wonderful! From the moment we picked her and her family up at the airport we got a sense that Kerri was approachable, real and non-pretentious. Her performance met the audience where they were  – it was pertinent and all ages enjoyed her humor. She spent quality time with those who worked behind the scenes to put on the event as well as quantity and quality time with those who attended. She was funny, energetic and her message was very clear and appropriate for our outreach event. I would recommend Kerri without any hesitation or caution. She understands and connects well with her audience and to be with a performer who is real. 

Cyndi Alioth | Coordinator, Women's Ministry | West Shore Evangelical Free Church


Kerri keeps on getting funnier and funnier, yet deeper and deeper in her message to women. It is clear that this is a woman who is living from the inside out.

Suzie Lind | Women's Ministry Pastor-Kings Harbor Church  | Torrance, CA


I loved hearing Kerri speak when I was at the Gems conference. I was feeling very overwhelmed and thinking that I should not be a Gems counselor. After hearing Kerri speak I was ready to take what I heard a the conference and teach those girls about the love of Jesus Christ, that they are special and He loves them just the way they are and where they are. I was inspired to be a better Christian. I loved her book! 

Elaine De Kleine | Gems International Girls Leaders Conference | Vineland Ontario Canada



"Praise God from whom all laughter flows!" This past weekend we were blessed to host a Women's Event that had Kerri Pomerolli as a guest speaker. WOW! God truly showed up in many miraculous ways — one of which was the healing laughter that Kerri provided. Her unique look at what is "Biblical" left us rolling in the isles and allowed each woman present the opportunity to look at our troubled lives in a bright new way. Kerri's gift of story telling and her incredible sense of humor were blessings to us! We loved every minute of her testimony — make sure she tells you about her humorous dealings with "band-aides!" A good time was had by all!! Snatch her up for your event — she is going to be booked constantly very soon!!

Still laughing,

KC Brock, Chairman | Wonderful Weekend for Women | Columbia, TN


Not only did she make us laugh; she made us think. Lots of times you hear a speaker, then walk away and forgot what they talked about. Not Kerri, what she says really sticks, and you walk away challenged. Many of our students said that they liked Kerri because she was REAL! You know, students NEED to hear from people that are honest with them.

Andrea Johnston, Program Assistant | Student Events Department | Lifeway Christian Resources



Kerri Pomarolli is Awesome! She is mega funny with a message that's eternal.

Scott White, Executive Pastor of Staff & Ministries | First Baptist North Mobile President | Pastor’s Conference at the Southern Baptist Convention


Kerri is utterly charming with her hilarious comedy and joyful demeanor. Her clean humor in “Laugh and Cry” was a great addition to our women physicians conference this year in Hilton Head. It was an evening of uproarious laughter with Kerri’s “everyday, everywoman” comic approach and her lively presentation. The first half of the event had everyone in the audience literally laughing out loud. The second half was her wonderful testimony showing just how powerful prayer can be and introducing us to her “miracle child” Ruby, and her praying child, Lucy. We would heartily recommend Kerri for your next special event. You will be highly entertained! I hope to see Kerri again. I am singing her praises to anyone who will listen.

Debbie McAlear, Administrator
Women Physicians in Christ (WPC)


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