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And, the Saga Continues

Hello, world! It's me, Kerri. I am embarking on a new journey, kind of sorta. Most people know me as a comedian who performs stand up comedy. Did you also know that I am an author with several books? That's correct. I am also an author. On this blog, you will discover everything you need to know about my previous books and I have two new books coming out in November. I am so excited to share more information on these two books. for now, please know that they are in the works.



God is Crazy About You—Hot Mess and All! 

If you’re anything like Kerri Pomarolli, you’ve read Proverbs 31 and thought, “Who is this woman? And what kind of magic unicorn, Energizer Bunny juice does she have on IV?”

And you thought social media standards were hard to live up to!  

As a sought-after comedian living in LA, Kerri knows about impossible standards. “I don’t plow, and I don’t rise early. When it says she gathers her food from afar, does that mean takeout…?”

In Confessions of a Proverbs 32 Woman, Kerri fearlessly shares the messiness of her own life with wit and honesty. Join her as she delves into the struggles of the modern woman tired of trying and failing to live up to Pinterest-looking, air-brushed, and insta-filtered “real life” role models telling her she’s not quitegood enough. And learn the two things you can hold onto for longer than your smartphone: genuine self-awareness and humble God-awareness.

Kerri is a self-proclaimed hot mess for Jesus who has learned that God never said our lives would be mess-less, but He also never intended for us to wallow forever without a way through. When you’re at your most hopeless, God and His Word will meet you in there, where you’ll find, as Kerri has, that this #hotmess4Jesus thing really can be the best possible life to live.

Editorial Review

“Whenever I need a good belly laugh, a dose of truth, and a dash of inspiration, I turn to Kerri Pomarolli. With this book, Kerri hands us a mirror and a makeup wipe and reminds us we don't have to cover up the real us.” —Tricia Goyer, bestselling author of The Grumble-Free Year

“Through her comedy, honesty, wit, and vulnerability, Kerri reminds us that God isn’t holding a competition for the perfect woman. Kerri leads her readers to discover their own uniqueness in God’s image and guides us on an ultra-fun quest of accepting ourselves as God’s beautiful creation.” —Dr. Susie Shellenberger, bestselling author and speaker

“There are only a few authors who can put Patrick Swayze, King David, and Clark Gable in the same paragraph. Kerri Pomarolli is one of them! Kerri writes with warmth, candor, and of course her signature humor.” —Arlene Pellicane, speaker and author of 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom

“We all want to be that all put-together Proverbs 31 Woman, but life is imperfect. So what do we do on those less-than-perfect days? Read and get encouragement, a laugh, and a lift-up from Kerri and this Proverbs 32 treatise of hope, humor, and help!” —Pam Farrel, author of Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti

“Kerri always makes me laugh and feel accepted in my imperfection, and who isn’t in need of that? I love this woman and her wild and truthful storytelling.” —Lisa Whittle, author and podcast host of Jesus Over Everything

“You know those times when you are pretty sure you have got this adulting thing all wrong, and you are sure everyone else read a handbook you were never given? Kerri encourages us to embrace the hot mess in all of us. Her words will not only make you laugh but will remind you that you are not alone.” —Melissa d’Arabian, author of Tasting Grace

“Kerri’s ‘Type AAA’ personality hilariously shines through these pages as she allows us to peer through the smudged window of her chaotic life where faith in God, raw honesty, and vats of Nutella are her weapons of mass destruction against perfectionism. Through raucous anecdotes and totally doable practical applications, she knocks the stuffing out of self-deprecating fault-finding and sets us free to serve the Lord—just as we are.” —T. Faye Griffin, author of Morning Manna

“This book had me laughing out loud and also wiping away tears as I related with the struggle to measure up to Proverbs 31 standards. Kerri Pomarolli shares her real-life stories with humor and a hunger to follow Jesus, seeking imperfect progress rather than faking perfection.” —Melissa Spoelstra, speaker and Bible teacher

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