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Haters Gotta Back Off The Barbie Movie

​​​​​​​​​​​Hi Guys,

I wrote a blog about my experience seeing the Barbie movie. I thought I would share it with you below.

People have had strong opinions and as a comedian I felt it was worth it for me to throw my two cents in.

Okay, so I try not to get political because I hate drama. But I'm gonna say it......haters gotta back off the Barbie movie!!!!

And when I say haters I am talking to my people here. It's the folks writing blogs about how this movie is a piece of trash and is horrifying for young girls to be seeing. A lot of them are Christians and or conservative journalists.

I took my daughters to see this movie. It was cleaner than a Hallmark movie.

All these people are out there bashing a movie that had absolutely no swear words in it, no kissing, no sexual offensive scenes at all.

And let me point out those same people go home and stream...Outlander, Game of Thrones and Yellowstone Sex and The City which are extremely, overtly, sexually explicit!

Let's be real. I'm a comedian and what this movie was is a hilarious satirical comedy. Yes, it was a comedy, people. It was Satire!!! Is that a lost art form? And in every Satire there is a grain of truth. Is that what we are so offended by?

Do we have to dissect every film today and see what "political statement" it is making or can we just laugh? Did Greta Gerwig have a strong point of view? HECK YEAH SHE DID.

Was I able to see the grains of truth behind the hysterical musical numbers and over the top characterizations, just like I have for years watching Saturday Night Live? Absolutely.

And as for those who say it was man bashing, I disagree.The men had the best dance number/fight scene I've seen in years. I loved it.

I support our freedom as artists to make films and tell jokes with our own point of view. If we lose the ability to laugh at ourselves we lose the ability to be human.

And we aren't too far off if you judge from my experience as a comedian these last few years. We are treading on dangerous ground.

Let's not forget how to laugh.

And in closing I'd like to say that Ryan Gosling singing and dancing deserves an Academy Award and so do his abs!!!!

Hope you are all awesome. See you back on the road!

Have a great day!

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