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Red Carpet Fun!

Hey Guys!

Well we made it through the whirl wind weekend in Washington D.C. The Women's Songwriter Hall of Fame was quite an extraordinary event. Of course Lucy and I got stuck in Minneapolis for 46 hours on the way, but we love adventure and airport snacks.

We met so many legends there, including Sherrie Paine, lead singer of The Supremes, Melissa Manchester and so many others. I managed to squeeze in to both of my tiny dresses with the help of a medieval torture device designed by some company, called Spanx.

Lucy was selected to be a youth ambassador and gave a very beautiful speech about how these women pioneered the way for young musical artists today. They videotaped the event for possible television airing. But I'm trying to get a hold of the footage.

We had a great time and then went to LA to gain back all the weight I lost for the red carpet. I've attached a few more photos of our time. ​

Hope you are all awesome. See you back on the road!




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