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"Laughed 'Til We Cried: Kerri Pomarolli Put a Bow on Top of our Women's Conference!

The Women Rocking Ministry Conference this year wasn't just about inspiration and reflection - it was a laugh riot thanks to the phenomenal Kerri Pomarolli! She took the stage and had us all in stitches.

Kerri Pomarolli is a breath of fresh air in the Christian comedy scene. She tackles relatable topics for women of faith with wit, warmth, and a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor. From the struggles of maintaining a Pinterest-worthy physique to the never-ending battle with teenagers, she had us nodding along in recognition while leaving us breathless with laughter.

But her act wasn't just a laugh-a-minute routine. Kerri Pomarolli cleverly wove in messages of faith, encouragement, and finding joy in the everyday. She reminded us that even when life is tough, laughter can be the reprieve we need.

By the end of her set, we weren't just wiping away tears of laughter, we were feeling uplifted, inspired, and ready to face the world with a smile. Kerri Pomarolli is a true gem, and we can't wait to see if she will come back next year!

Highly recommend for anyone looking for a clean, hilarious, and faith-based comedy experience!"


- Elaine Briefman (Women Rocking Ministry)

SHE WAS AMAZING!!!   “Not only was Kerri a huge hit with our ladies!  We laughed our heads off all night long and then she finished the night off with them most down to earth inspirational message that made the night so magical.   I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to have her at your next event.  Can’t wait to work with her again”.

Missy Vaughn- Bayside Adventure Women’s Pastor Sacramento Ca

Kerri did an AWESOME show for our church!! She connected so well with our ladies, from ages teen to 70s. Her humor was tasteful but hilarious, which is a challenge, and she ended with a real life story that was vulnerable and helpful. I appreciated her transparent heart for Jesus that wasn’t “churchy”. I’d refer her to any group anywhere. You will love her!!

Grace Driscol | Pastor, Trinity Church | Scottsdale, AZ

Kerri was a breath of fresh air. I had the honor of being her hostess and was so blessed by her, even in our time just driving to and from the airport. She spoke directly to where I am at and encouraged me. She didn't hesitate to pray in power and authority for my situation. Her show later that evening had all our ladies giggling like school girls! Joy and laughter filled the place. She closed with a very short, but hugely impactful word, which stirred the hearts of our ladies. She tilled the soil with laughter then planted good seed in soil which was ready to receive! What an amazing gift. She's the total package. We look forward to having her back again!!!

Cory Hudson | Celebration Christian Church | Livermore, CA

Our ladies at Creekside Christian Church in Elk Grove, CA always enjoy Kerri! We especially love the way Kerri can speak into the hearts of people from various generations. Kerri has something for everybody. Kerri gets us laughing....and then goes to deep spiritual waters. You can bring anyone to one of Kerri's events and they will come away with a smile on their face!

Lynn Marie Gault | Women's Pastor | Creekside Christian Church



This year's "So Get This!" Women's Conference was the best one ever; Kerri Pomarolli helped make that possible! Her performance on Thursday evening was outstanding and EVERYONE loved her! Her workshop Friday morning on Hollywood was voted the best liked out of all of the workshops at the conference.

Melissa Santiago | Faith Life Church


Kerri was a breath of fresh air. Our event was attended by ladies for all ages and she was able to connect with all of them. Laughter is good for the soul and Kerri definitely makes people laugh but does not soft-sell the Gospel.

Randa Noble | Director of Rockford Rescue Mission | Illinois


I'm thankful to Kerri for lifting our spirits with laughter. She so beautifully touched every generation that came to our Women2Women outreach event in a way they could relate. I have heard nothing but praise for her time with us! I thank her for reaching out with your life to shine the light of Christ to those who need it.

Heather Carter, Women's Minister | Christ Community Church | Westchester, PA


Kerri Pomarolli took the stage January 13th...and I can still hear the laughter! The women at our event LOVED her..LAUGHED WITH HER...AND were INSPIRED by LOVE GOD...LOVE EACH OTHER...AND LOVE THE LIFE GOD HAS GIVEN US! She entertained an audience of ALL generations...and they all loved her...Kerri gave God's message through humor...and yet..there was no mistake...she was quite serious about her beliefs...and lives were changed! We couldn't believe she just kept on keeping on with funny and humorous remarks...She was WONDERFUL!!! We can't wait to have her back!




Kerri does a masterful job of connecting to her audience. Women from all seasons of life roar with laughter with her. She effortlessly transitions between pure comedy and inspiring, thought provoking insights. She weaves the message of God's love and grace between bouts of laughter. With a vulnerable, non-threatening, authentic style, Kerri shares her journey and portrays a genuine heart for her listeners.

Heidi Bogue, Director | Girlfriends At Grace | Grace Church, Ohio 


Kerri Pomarolli brings laughter! She is a master at reading the audience--adjusting to what makes them laugh and laugh and then laugh some more. She is crazy good at making life feel just a bit lighter than you thought it could feel. Having Kerri at an event is like inviting healing laughter to pull up a seat and stay a while.



Kerri was everything we hoped for to headline our Laugh Out Loud Christmas Outreach event. We had approximately 1000 women enjoy an evening out filled with food, fun and laughter--a perfect combination. Kerri had us all laughing from the moment she stepped up on the stage. She is endearing and very funny as she shared her life experiences in a way we all could identify with and laugh about. Women of all ages enjoyed her honesty and humor.  Kerri's testimony and her humility in sharing the Gospel touched so many women that they talked about it for days. She speaks with power and authority as she shares God's love. Kerri is genuine and blessed us with her gift of humor and faith.

Nancy Alexander, Women's Outreach | Topeka Bible Church



Kerri was awesome and not only has God gifted her as a humorous speaker, but He has given her a passion for women, sharing fun along with His message. God’s message was shared in a way that was easily accepted and many seeds were planted. Kerri has the ability to earn women’s trust first followed by closing the deal for Jesus! Kerri rocks, I would do this event all over again due to her great spirit within that is not only contagious but you will have a desire to live it too.

Sherri Stetnish, Women's Ministry Director | White River Christian Church | Nobelsville Indiana


Kerri Pomarolli was not only funny but real. She touched hearts and made each woman feel like her best girlfriend. What a gal to giggle with. Her passion for Christ shines through and is seen by everyone in her midst. I pray she continues to be the light in what can be a very dark world.

Tracy Williams | Grace Church | Bath, OH


Be ready for a side ache for two days after you hear Kerri Pomarolli. I was tempted to roll in the aisle, but I didn’t want to miss the next one liner! The best part was the winsome way that Kerri let people know about Jesus. She made us laugh, told us what God had done for her and what He wanted to do for us. Kerri gave one of the clearest presentations of the gospel that I have ever heard. Then she made us laugh again! We had a very fun and very purposeful evening.

Thanks again, Kerri — It was super to partner with you.

Valerie Gallaher, Women's Ministry Director | Sunridge Community Church | Temecula CA


Kerri fit right in with our ladies. This is special because our ladies' age range is from 16-90+. More importantly, Kerri has a wonderful testimony that touches the lives of mothers and daughters. Ladies from across our state are still talking about her comedy act. She had us rolling! It was truly an honor and pleasure to have her at our Women's Retreat.



Kerri is a sight to behold. I would recommend Kerri for any event that you are planning for your organization, church, etc. You cannot go wrong with Kerri.

Melissa Riordan, Secretary to Divisional Secretary | Women's Ministries | Florida Division USS Salvation Army


Kerri blessed us with her wild and crazy, but highly insightful thoughts on life. She knocked down the odd doors of reality with your flexible kickspeed humor. She tore up the crowd with rip-splitting, wiggle-wacking diddies. We are still laughing.

Tish Whitney, Womens Ministry Coordinator | Darian, Conneticut | Norton Presbyterian Church



Kerri was brilliantly funny! She kept us laughing from start to finish, but more importantly she was such an encouragement of how God can do amazing things with our lives if we will just let him have control. As if that wasn't enough, she was extremely personable. She enjoyed meeting the people, visiting with them, and she even offered to help on our prayer team. Wow! It has been about three weeks since our event and people still stop me at the grocery store to tell me how much they enjoyed the entire evening! Praise God and thank you, Kerri, for being such a valuable instrument of the Lord!

Veronica Vogle | Daughters of Virtue | Kansas


Kerri left 350 ladies ecstatic and encouraged. Some of our would-be prodigals found themselves in Proverbs 32 instead! In the midst of all the laughter, our ladies learned that God knows who we are, meets us where we are, and gives grace to smile their way through each day.

Mike Rumsey, Executive Pastor | Bethel Baptist | Troy, Illinois


Funny, entertaining, hilarious and completely charming, those are just a few of the adjectives used to describe Kerri Pomarolli, our guest comedian for our annual "Chicks on the Pond" event. She had everyone in attendance in unified laughter on funny subjects from A to Z. Even in the midst of major technical difficulties—like no lights—she kept them coming fast and funny. We love Kerri!

Michelle Hernandez | Manteca Community Church, CA


What a joy it was to have Kerri Pomarolli as our guest at "Girlville!"  Besides being cute as a button, she is hilarious, hip and happening. I knew the first time I spoke to her that she would be a blessing with loads of humor.    


Kerri"s performance was one of the funniest I've seen. As I looked around the auditorium, I saw the young and the old nearly rolling in the aisles.  Her story about wifely submission was something many of the younger gals (and some of us older ones too) could well relate to. In her second session with us, Kerri recounted her testimony – but believe me when I tell you that the girl cannot help but be funny, even when the subject is most serious. Her walk with Christ is evident and she has a depth of commitment and knowledge that is rarely seen. She was truly a delight and the happiness she expressed in the Jesus she worships is amazing. I would recommend her to anyone in any church setting. She is absolutely charming both as a person and a performer.  

Rita Case, Women"s Ministry Director | First Baptist Church


We had record attendence for Ms Pomarolli's performance. They were truly entertained and blessed. Many wanted the evening to last and one woman who rarely attends church said, "When can we do this again?" Kerri Pomarolli is a draw across the board to women, old and young, saved and unsaved.

Gina L. Turner, Director of Women's Ministry | Diamond Bar EV Free Church



Kerri Pomarolli is a talented performer with an energy and fun personality that makes her performances engaging.

Her comedy reflects her unique ability to laugh at herself and the craziness that has been her life. But to think of her in terms of a revolutionary is easy and can be summed up in one word, Faith. You may be wondering how can faith set this girl apart? There are others who have faith, so just what makes her faith so different?


In a day and age when most professing Christians barely look any different then the world Kerri stands out as a revolutionary of the faith because she is willing to walk out what she believes. I have known Kerri for more than a year now and watched her go through some serious personal struggles that would stop most she clings to the hand of her Lord and presses on. She understand that what she is doing is so much more than a career but is in reality a calling from the Lord and she doesn't back down in the struggles. She strives to walk out her faith in all areas of her life. It is so much more than walking across the welcome mat of her church once or twice a week. Her trust and faith in God is woven throughout her life. Her hearts desire is to share her faith and point others the heart of the Lord she loves. I would say that anyone who is willing to walk the walk and not just talk the talk is truly a revolutionary.

Debbie Fuller | Christian Hollywood Magazine 


Thanks to Kerri and Kristen, for coming out in March to do our conference. They were both a big success with our girls and moms. The time you both took to talk with our staff and with those who came has made an impact on our town. There are many who are still talking about Friday night's event and Staying True on Saturday. Everyone enjoyed the fun parts but also the serious time as well. Anytime you are in Northern California we would love to see you. Thank you for the prayer and time you gave to our town and young women.

Jackson Fong | Staying True Teen Girls Conference 2011


Kerri does a masterful job of connecting to her audience. Women from all seasons of life roar with laughter with her. She effortlessly transitions between pure comedy and inspiring, thought provoking insights. She weaves the message of God's love and grace between bouts of laughter. With a vulnerable, non-threatening, authentic style, Kerri shares her journey and portrays a genuine heart for her listeners.

Heidi Bogue, Director | Girlfriends At Grace | Grace Church, Ohio 


Kerri Pomarolli had the packed house at the KKLA Women's Night Out laughing so hard they were crying! Her performance was fresh and upbeat and every woman in the audience could relate to her insightful and humorous musings on life. She was witty and charismatic. You could tell she loves the Lord, her family, and her comedy career! Kerri was a strong factor in our promo campaign for the Women's Night Out event. Using her in our ads gave the event a lot of appeal. 

Kimber Stoutland, Marketing Consultant | Salem Communications | KKLA


Kerri is amazing...we just had her at the ASPIRE Conference for Women in Arizona and Kerri was terrific...perfect fit for any womens event, date night event or just about anything that you might need to bring some fun.

Brian Cole | Extreme Faith Productions



Having Kerri at our MOPS group was the perfect way to start the day! She did an amazing job of connecting and engaging a room full of women in all stages of life. Our theme this year is "Fresh Air" and it was certainly refreshing to have Kerri and her natural ability to relate us all and remind us of the common thread we all have running through our lives; Jesus Christ.

Heather Doleshel, Ministry Leader | MOPS | Torrance, CA


I love your passion for seeing God work. It was like you were watching your kids open presents on Christmas morn. You really "brought it." I don't think I have ever seen a woman speaker who could perform for an hour, preach for an hour and pray for people with such an annointing. I didn't see you pass anybody by that needed healing. Women told me today that it was so worth it bringing you here. I am so thankful you came!

Ty Covey, Women's Ministry Coordinator | Path Church | Medford, OR


We would love to have Kerri every year at our MOPS group; she is equally hysterical and light-hearted she is warm and loving. She truly cares about others and has a particular soft spot for moms. Kerri filled the room with joy and thoughtfulness and it was clear she changed a few hearts that day towards a better life. Thank you Kerri!

Katie Junowich | Trinity MOPS

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening last night! The women at our Cherished Dinner loved your performance, and some have said that they really needed it!! A lot have said they haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! Several were even asking where we found you at. You not only had them laughing, but your message at the end about your daughter and trust in God in our struggles was outstanding! I know all the women appreciated your heart and conviction. You hit it out of the park, Kerri!! Thank you again, Kerri, for headlining our Cherished Dinner! Blessings to you and your beautiful daughters!!

Ed Mattson | Pastor, Chino Hills Community Church

We hosted Kerri for our Annual Women's Dinner and she was fabulous! She was so funny and kept everyone laughing. She spoke to all of us, whether young or old.  She gave out door prizes which was really fun also. Kerri shared her testimony at the end about her daughter and how God performed miracles with her daughter. That was very moving and touched many people. I would highly recommend Kerri for any church event. We look forward to having her again soon!

Lora Beth Wood | Women's Director | Unity Baptist | Sylvester, GA

Kerri Pomarelli was the perfect choice for our event! She has an amazing way of relating to women of all ages. Our ladies were blessed with a night of much needed laughter but also inspiring stories of God's love and power. She even spent time talking and praying with people after the event. Kerri is hilarious, compassionate, and genuine. She gave us a night our ladies will always remember.

Amy Max | Vale Church | Bloomington, IL

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